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As we come close to one year of this pandemic that prevents our civic league from having in-person meetings, our board is still pushing issues forward with the city, and our state senator and delegate to make Lake Shores safer and maintain our neighborhood’s quality of life.

Our civic league president, Jim Brinkman, has had several inquiries on how to join the civic league during these pandemic times. You may download a Word or PDF version of the membership application form in the links below. If you don’t have Word and can’t get it to open in Google Docs, and you don’t have the reader version of Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF, you can write your name, address, phone number, and email address on a piece of paper–and include $10–and mail it to LSCL Treasurer, 1683 Meredith Rd. Va Bch, 23455.

Everyone stay safe and be smart.

One thought on “Membership Application Form

  1. My name is Ed Brown, and I am on the board of the VIrginia Beach Art Center. We are located on 17th Street in the VIBE district. Most of our artists are former art teachers and others of the artists work in many different professions. Once this pandemic weakens, we would invite you, or any of your residents, to visit our art center where many of the artists have studios. There is no entrance fee, and it is a pleasant outing.
    We are also available, once the virus begins to disappear, to do brief, informal presentations at your meetings.
    In the meantime stay safe.

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