Board Members

The 2017-2018 board members of the Lake Shores Civic League are:

Board of Directors

President: Jim Brinkman

1st Vice President: Craig Corey

2nd Vice President: Dave Gresens

Treasurer: Mary Brinkman

Trustee: Corrie Corey

Trustee: Dodie Antal

Trustee: Paul Berryman

Secretary: Jeanne Marie Macdonald


Jack Beck


One thought on “Board Members

  1. Our first “Lake Block Party” was nicely attended for a first time event. I’m Keith Forrest and own forrest studio on shore dr, at this location since 1981. I have lived back on the lake since then. I am one of about 5-6 pontoon boat owners on the lake, and have talked to people several times this summer about having a ‘lake get together’ since there must be 100 people or more on the lake with boats, most in lake shores, but hadly anyone ever out! I brought my grill and cooked hot dogs and everyone who came brought something. someone wrote this morning and asked how it was since she was unable to come but sounded interested in it again, and suggested i contact the civic league – didnt think of that. i just put notices in the mailboxes of everyone on lake shores rd and shenstone, that backed up to the lake… anyway, let me know how we could publicize it, maybe again in sept before weather turns cool?

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