Lake Shores General Membership Meeting: WEDNESDAY, November 20th, 2019

Please joint your neighbors for the last Civic League Meeting of 2019! 

Wow!  It seems we went straight from summer and careened into winter.  Thanksgiving is almost upon us and Christmas will be here soon!  Did we have a fall?

We are happy to welcome Kathy Russell from TFC Recycling to speak at our November civic league meeting.  TFC is our neighborhood’s recycling company, and she will answer questions that neighbors may have on the schedule, contract with the city, what can and cannot be recycled, and other issues.

Speaking of Christmas fast approaching, we’re asking everyone to bring two cans of food for us to donate to the Mayflower Marathon Food Drive so those less fortunate can have Christmas dinner.

Remember, WE’RE MEETING ON WEDNESDAY EVENINGS in Shelton Elementary School cafeteria.  You’ll want to drive along the fence line on this side of Independence Blvd and park on the backside of the school in order to come directly into the cafeteria.  Social time begins at 7pm and the meeting starts at 7:30.