Civic League Membership Meeting Minutes: May 2015


Date of Meeting: May 26, 2015, 7:00 p.m. (social), 7:30 p.m. (meeting) Meeting Room 6 of the Bayside Recreation Center. Twenty-five neighbors attended.

Date of next General Meeting: September 22, 2015

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together for mutual benefit, those persons who are interested in civic betterment of any kind. It shall be operated along democratic lines, having no political affiliation, and being non-sectarian in the matter of religion.


Mr. Frank Pogue led us in the Pledge of Allegiance then delighted us with a joke.

Our guest speaker was Mr. Barry Frankenfield, Director of the Strategic Growth Area Department, City of Virginia Beach, and he spoke about the Northampton Boulevard/Burton Station Strategic Growth Area (SGA):

  • The City has no plans for improvement or change along Northampton.
    • The only issues are in Norfolk to include a Proposed Study of the Interstate exchange.
  • Norfolk owns much land in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach owns land in Chesapeake.
    • Norfolk owns 50 acres at Northampton and Wesleyan.
  • The Study will preserve Burton Station Village, an historic area.
    • Eight homes in Burton Station are occupied, down from 30.
    • Until recently the area had no city water or sewer.
  • In February 2014, Norfolk announced the closing of the Golf Course and development of the Outlet Mall.
  • Simon Property Group, the largest real estate group in the world, is developing the Premium Outlet Mall.
    • After looking all over the area, Simon Group preferred, from a business standpoint, Northampton due to the desirable location near the Interstate in a busy and highly-visible area, especially during the summer tourist and Christmas shopping seasons.
  • Norfolk asked to build a road in Virginia Beach on property which Norfolk owns.
    • In March 2015, The Virginia Beach Planning Commission opposed the road; a month later, City Council denied the road.
    • Though Wesleyan Drive is oriented toward the Outlet Mall, a new road will extend from Northampton to Miller Store Road.
    • So far, no word from Norfolk re: planning the new road. (Norfolk could be planning a road in Norfolk.)
  • Norfolk will upgrade the intersection.
  • If Burton Station Road is closed, the timing on the traffic light will be changed.
  • Norfolk has no plans for an acceleration lane.
  • Mr. Frankenfield will provide this Presentation for our Website.
  • The Simon Group’s project plans are available at:

New Business

  • A motion was approved to accept the March 24 general meeting minutes as posted on the website.
  • Long time civic league member Mrs. Georgie Tyer passed away. She and husband Bob were original residents of Lake Shores.
  • Proposed conclave with neighboring civic leagues planned for the Fall:

The civic league board proposed holding a forum in the fall to address the city’s plan for the Northampton Corridor. We would ask neighboring civic leagues that border Northampton to participate and invite appropriate city representatives, our local councilman for Bayside, and local press to attend. The board assumed there was a plan in place since one has been mentioned in various news stories, however, after making several phone calls, we discovered there is no long term or strategic plan for Northampton from the CBBT to Burton Station—the much mentioned Northampton Corridor plan only focuses on the part of Northampton from Burton Station to the Norfolk city line. (Update: The board would still like to have a forum, however Lake Shores residents’ inputs on what to put on the topic list will be solicited at the September 22nd meeting.)

  • Sound Barriers from Independence to Jack Frost:

Mr. Corey contacted the city concerning the feasibility of erecting sound barriers along Northampton since they city has removed many trees next to the neighborhood boundary to protect the power lines during hurricanes. The trees were a natural sound barrier. Some residents recall the city conducting a sound study a number of years ago, but the City representative could find no record of one. Sound barriers are a non-starter due to the cost. A sound barrier costs $1,000 per linear foot, and the City only erects them for new construction or major projects to existing roadways and only when federal funds are available. The City Arborist told one of our neighbors that native plants would be planted to replace the trees, but that project was unknown when Mr. Corey spoke with the City representative. Other proposed improvements for Northampton—a pedestrian crossing from Jack Frost to Shell Road, and a sidewalk along Northampton to the new Lake Smith recreation area—are being examined by the City.

  • During the summertime, we are invited to provide suggestions for upcoming guest speakers.
  • Shelton Park School yard:

Some residents inquired about the grass at Shelton Park School being too tall, and also that the drainage area behind the homes along the school yard is a haven for vermin, etc., because of it. Grass cutting on City property is on a 21-day cutting cycle through Landscape Management.

  • Installation of New Officers:
    • President – Paul Berryman
    • Vice-President – Craig Corey
    • Treasurer – Mary Brinkman
    • Secretary – Jeanne Marie Macdonald
    • Trustee – Jim Brinkman
    • Trustee – Corrie Corey (completing Anna Edson’s term)
    • Trustee – Betty Bowden (continuing her three-year term)
  • The meeting is turned over to the new President, Mr. Paul Berryman. Items discussed were:
    • The Executive Board will meet during the summer.
    • We want to move forward, be positive.
    • We appreciate the support of our neighbors.
    • We want to invite speakers of interest, such as elder law.
    • Please call Paul or Craig to suggest speakers.

Treasurer’s Report 

  • According to the April financial statement, we have $721.38 in our treasury. 

Adopt a Street

  • Per Mr. Jack Beck: According to Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation, we are responsible for cleaning Shelton Road.
  • Adopt a Street business is conducted via Internet, formerly all was hand written.
  • For safety while cleaning the street, we stay together, work in teams.
  • Our next street cleaning will be on Saturday, May 30, at 9:00 a.m., at the pump house on Jack Frost.
  • We can sign up tonight or show up on Saturday morning.
  • As Jack will be unavailable on Saturday, Jeanne will co-ordinate.
  • Neighbors have been cleaning the street along Shelton and on the south end of Jack Frost.
  • We should stop and thank our neighbors when we see them cleaning.
  • We should report the weight of the trash collected by our neighbors to the City. 

A motion was made and approved to adjourn for the summer.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Marie Macdonald