Civic League Membership Meeting Minutes: September 2015


Date of Meeting: September 22, 2015, 7:00 p.m. (social), 7:30 p.m. (meeting) Meeting Room 6 of the Bayside Recreation Center. 21 neighbors signed in.

Date of next General Meeting: November 17, 2015

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together for mutual benefit, those persons who are interested in civic betterment of any kind. It shall be operated along democratic lines, having no political affiliation, and being non-sectarian in the matter of religion


Our President, Paul Berryman opened the meeting.

Mr. Frank Pogue led us in the Pledge of Allegiance then delighted us with a joke.

Our guest speaker is MPO David Nieves, Third Precinct Crime Prevention Liaison, Active Shooter/Threat Program Coordinator

  • In Lake Shores, we “have nothing to be concerned about.” Since January 1, 2015, two police calls to 1948 Charla Lee for a loud party. Two calls for service, two arrests. We should always call for service which gives paperwork to put on record. We are not bothering the police. Call 385-5000.
  • Check with ePRO (electronic Police Reports Online) for information.
  • During the Christmas shopping season, always park under a light, even in daytime in case darkness falls before completing shopping.

Neighborhood Watch (NW)

  • The previous Civic League President designated the current NW Coordinator, however interaction between the NW program for Lake Shores and MPO Nieves has declined considerably.
  • When Nextdoor became available, NW fell by the wayside; city is trying to bring back the NW program to include zone coordinators, etc.
  • Please call the Police rather than only post on Nextdoor.

Trespassing on Private Property

  • There has been a problem at the south end of Jack Frost with travelers coming down highway 13 from the CBBT using that area, including private property, as a restroom, baby changing station, etc.
  • MPO will inspect the site and suggests the use of ornamental concrete blocks, “Beware of Dog” signs to dissuade this activity.

New Business

  • A motion was made to not read the minutes from the General Meeting on May 26 aloud since they are on the Lake Shores Civic League website. This was seconded and approved by those present.

Executive Board Meeting

  • The Executive Board met during the summer to plan out events and speakers for the 2015-2016 year.
  • All are invited to suggest speakers for our General Meetings, and they don’t have to be just from the City.
    • The cover of Consumer Reports magazine features “A Crying Shame” re: con artists. A warning to protect ourselves. We should contact the Economic Crime Unit of Virginia Beach.
    • Perhaps we could invite a representative from the Economic Crime Unit to speak at our November General Meeting.
  • Civic League information is available on the Lake Shores Civic League website ( and meeting info is on the signs we place at the entrances to the neighborhood before each general meeting. Word-of-mouth is a valuable tool. Neighbors are invited to contact the Board to suggest speakers for our meetings – non-political.
    • As printing newsletters is expensive, we rely on our website for information (newsletters, minutes, etc.), the signs, and Nextdoor to get the word out. Our Website is our official voice. We must keep the website up-to-date to provide valuable information.
  • We should collaborate with other civic leagues around on issues that affect our part of Bayside and Virginia Beach
    • An example is the civic leagues along Shore Drive had the speed limit dropped from 45 to 35 mph, and prevented the number of lanes on the new Lesner Bridge to be six.
    • A large group has more influence.
    • We could call a special meeting on an evening other than Tuesday, to allow members of City Council to attend. City Council meets on Tuesday nights.

National Night Out

  • Only 12 neighborhoods in Virginia Beach participated this year.
  • Renting space at Shelton Park School for National Night Out is expensive.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Mary met with Paul during the summer and completed a financial statement and hand off of treasurer duties. Mary is pleased with the books.
  • On July 31 our balance was $746.38. After the check to the VBCCO cleared, our balance is $721.38 with no outstanding checks.

Christmas Light Contest

  • A proposal was put forward to have a Christmas Light contest in Lake Shores; the civic league board will discuss this at the next meeting
  • All who are interested in judging, please contact the Board and/or attend the November general meeting.

 Picnic in the spring

  • The Lake Smith/Lake Lawson natural area would be an excellent location.
  • Shelters though not rented, are available while the Park is open.
  • Bayville Park would be a good alternate location for our picnic.

Yard Sale

  • Neighbors should let the Board know if they are interested in a Yard Sale.
  • We can form a committee and add the yard sale to our agenda for May or June.

Northampton Corridor

  • The City of Virginia Beach is concerned with the Outlet Mall, however, per Barry Frankenfield, Strategic Growth Area (SGA) Director for Virginia Beach, the City does not have a strategic plan for Northampton from Shore Drive to Burton Station Road.
  • Trees along Northampton and Lake Shores are being cut to protect power lines per the electrical safety laws. Dominion Power is fined $100,000 per incident for certain electrical outages.
    • Pruning causes imbalance if they’re trimmed only on one side; the weight causes trees to fall – two trees have fallen onto Northampton prior to Diamond Springs
    • Tree roots between the ditch and the road are weakened.
    • The City will install sound barriers only with federally funded projects, so no sound barriers are planned to replace the trees.
    • Vegetation is not good sound abatement, though trees such as crepe myrtles would be more aesthetic than nothing.
    • Also, in summer, electrical lines sag up to fifteen feet due to heat and use.
    • Dominion Power uses the Norfolk Southern right of way.
    • A distance of 300 feet is needed between homes and Northampton.
  • Wastewater Management should have notified homeowners of the work along Northampton. Workers ripped up a fence with vegetation and removed trees.
    • Vegetation restricts flow.
    • A new stone weir will be installed.

Speed Box

  • A speed box was put in place along Jack Frost for a few days to encourage drivers to not speed.
  • Post meeting note: Craig Corey contacted the traffic department of the city to see if they recorded any information from the speed box. While it does have that capability, they did not activate it during that time. Based on historical data, traffic will slow down approximately 5 mph when a speed box is put in place, but will creep back up to normal speed within a few days after the box is removed. The branch of city that lays hose down for speed and volume are behind schedule and we may not have any hoses laid down in the near future.



Sidewalk Project: Access to Lake Smith/Lake Lawson Park

  • Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the city cannot add a dedicated cross walk across Northampton and from Jack Frost since a crosswalk would have no sidewalks to connect to at Jack Frost.
  • Also, a walkway along Northampton to the park is “not feasible” as the path along Northampton is too narrow.


Adopt a Street

    • Jack Beck invites all to meet on Saturday, September 26, at 9:00 a.m. at the Pump House on Jack Frost.
    • We clean three areas: the north end of Jack Frost, the south end of Jack Frost, and along Shelton to Independence.
    • Wear gloves. Grabbers and orange bags are provided. We get credit for the number of pounds of trash we collect. As Jack is unavailable, Jeanne Marie will coordinate on September 26.
  • Post meeting note: due to inclement weather, we were not able to conduct the litter collection until October 3.



Upcoming General Meetings

  • November 17, January 25, March 28, May 23


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Marie Macdonald