Civic League Membership Meeting Minutes: March 2015


Date of Meeting: March 24, 2015, 7:00 p.m. (social), 7:30 p.m. (meeting) Meeting Room 6 of the Bayside Recreation Center. Twenty-three people signed in plus two members who did not.

Date of next General Meeting: May 26, 2015

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together for mutual benefit, those persons who are interested in civic betterment of any kind. It shall be operated along democratic lines, having no political affiliation, and being non-sectarian in the matter of religion


Frank Pogue led us in the Pledge of Allegiance then delighted us with a joke.  Our treasurer, Paul Berryman, conducted the meeting due to Craig Corey, the acting president, being out of town on a work related trip.

Treasurer’s Report

  • We have $696.38 in our treasury.
  • Our dues with VBCCO are paid for the 2015 season.
  • The check for $25.00 was presented to Ryan Wilkinson at the last meeting.
  • We have 35 paid members.

Adopt a Street

Jack Beck announced our next street cleaning will be on Saturday, March 28, at 9:00 a.m. We will meet at the pump house on Jack Frost Road.

Old Business

Auditors’ Report:

We presented the Auditors’ Report conducted in December during the General Meeting in January.  There was an error with respect to the names of the two banks which has been corrected in the revised report.  After researching seven or eight banks, Paul opened the account with BB&T and closed the civic league’s account with Bank of America since BB&T doesn’t require a maintenance fee or minimum balance.


No other committee members have a report.

Drainage on Regina Avenue:

  • Mr. Cutter with the City Engineers Office is very responsive.
  • Having the Civic League behind us helped in our contacts with the City.

Nominations for 2015-2017 Board Officers:

Thank you to our nominating committee: Paul and Darlene Castellano and Gail Hupman.  Gail Hupman volunteered to be the third member of the nominating committee, a requirement of the civic league bylaws.


President – Paul Berryman for a two-year term

First Vice President – Craig Corey for a one-year term per the bylaws for reelected officers

Second Vice President – We have no volunteer

Treasurer – Mary Brinkman for a two-year term

Secretary – Jeanne Marie Macdonald for a one-year term per the bylaws for reelected officers

Three Trustees – Jim Brinkman for a three year term to conclude in to 2018

Corrie Corey, to finish the term of Anna Eidson who asked to resign as a trustee, and whose term expires in 2016

Betty Bowden will continue to serve as a trustee since her term won’t expire until 2017.

The Second Vice President assumes the duties of the President during the absence of the President and 1st Vice President.  His or her main responsibility is Chairman of the Membership Committee. The position has been open for several years.


A motion was made to close the nominations, which was seconded.  The decision was unanimous to close nominations.  A motion was made to put the above slate of nominations to a vote at this meeting instead of the May meeting, which was a motion passed at the November meeting.  This was seconded and the motion was voted on.  The above slate of officers was approved by the membership.  Installation will be during our General Meeting on May 26.


The minutes from the General Meeting on January 27 were approved.

New Business

Crime along Northampton Boulevard:

The statistics for crime on the Northampton Boulevard corridor are available on E-Pro.

Crime in the area of the hotels beyond Diamond Springs Road was discussed.

Sound Barrier along Northampton Boulevard:

According the City Arborist, the City will plant trees but not hardwood trees.  The previous trees were removed or trimmed since they hung over the right hand lane of Northampton Boulevard.  This has created an increase in noise emanating from Northampton Boulevard, which brought up the discussion of the need for sound barriers along Northampton parallel to the property lines and boundaries of the neighborhood.  It was pointed out that there are other sections of the city that have sound barriers.  Dave Gresens will continue to talk with the arborist

Speaker to Civic Leagues along Northampton Boulevard:

Jim Brinkman recommends inviting a speaker from the city to a meeting to include all civic leagues and neighborhoods that border Northampton Boulevard.  As a collective group, we have the whole force of the civic leagues behind us which has more impact with the city council, especially noise abatement.  We should request to know the plan the City has for the Northampton Boulevard corridor.  Any agenda should include the question “what can we do to solve the problems?”

Issues identified by members:

  • Mixed use development at Burton Station
  • The Outlet Mall at Lake Wright
  • Re-directing traffic out of Charlie’s Truck Stop onto Burton Station, providing access to Northampton via the traffic light on Burton Station.
  • Installing a sign to read “No Engine Braking” at Northampton Boulevard and Jack Frost Road
  • Give the same attention to the Northampton Boulevard corridor as is given to the Laskin Road corridor at the Oceanfront.

Plan of action and milestones required for a multi-civic league meeting:

  • Enough space to accommodate 100 plus people.
  • Need to contact the VBCCO to obtain the names of leaders in nearby Civic Leagues.
  • Board needs to discuss these matters and suggestions for upcoming guest speakers.
  • Should meet on a night other than Tuesday, as city council meets on Tuesday.
  • Please forward requests for speakers to either Paul or Craig.

We welcome five new members:

Zach and Sabrina Shao, Carl Bock, and Joel and Nancy King.


Lake Shores Website and Nextdoor:

Our Lake Shores Website is improving as our communications tool, and is informative for maintaining situational awareness on issues such as crime.  As with other social media sites, we should avoid using it as a gossip column.

A motion is made and passed to adjourn until May 26 2015.