Civic League Membership Meeting Minutes: January 2016


Date of Meeting: January 26, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. (social), 7:30 p.m. (meeting) Meeting Room 6 of the Bayside Recreation Center. Twenty-one neighbors signed in.

Date of next General Meeting: March 22, 2016

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together for mutual benefit, those persons who are interested in civic betterment of any kind. It shall be operated along democratic lines, having no political affiliation, and being non-sectarian in the matter of religion


Our President, Paul Berryman opened the meeting.

Mr. Frank Pogue led us in the Pledge of Allegiance then delighted us with a joke.

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker is City of Virginia Beach, Senior Planner, Department of Parks and Recreation.

Wayne Wilcox – Parks & Rec
[email protected]
(757) 385-1104

Mr. Wilcox plans bikeways and trails for Virginia Beach.

Two Projects:

1. Sidewalk along the west side of Greenwell Road from First Court to Shore Drive then halfway to the Bay

The sidewalk will tie Bayside Rec Center to Shore Drive.

Work should begin in April.

Bids are due mid-February.

A grant from VDOT will help build the sidewalk

Multi-modal transportation

Biking is allowed on the sidewalk.

Within the right of way – no land will be taken.

Pot holes at Shore Drive and Lake Shores Road will be filled and paved.

2. Shore Drive from Diamond Springs to Greenwell – paving with asphalt – 3.2 miles

Shore Drive currently has no paved shoulder.

Planned paving will add four-to five feet of space on both sides.

No striping as for bike lanes – Six-feet wide is too narrow for a bike lane.

No rumble strips

Helicopter/Lake Shores intersection – out to bid – Public Works is engineering 600’ of turn lanes.

Mr. Wilcox will alert engineers of the possibility of residents in townhomes parking on the wider pavement.

May add “No Parking” signs

(One post script to what will be included with this project.  One of the attendees asked after the meeting if they could make a dedicated left turn lane on Shore Drive on to Jack Frost since the median break does not provide a safe enough area to wait for traffic if there are multiple cars turning left.  One of the board members contacted the public works department and they will include that with the work).

Treasurer’s Report:

Ending Balance, November 30, 2015 = $791.38

In December – No checks written, no deposits

Ending Balance: $791.38


President Berryman makes the motion we waive reading the minutes from the General Meeting in November.

Unanimous vote to not read the minutes

Neighborhood Watch:

A motion is made to re-elect Rick Shelor as Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, and this was unanimously supported

We must always be aware of our surroundings.

Captain Orr is the new Captain at the Third Precinct.

We can make appointments with him through the dispatcher.

In Lake Shores crimes mostly involve breaking and entering of automobiles.  Lock cars your cars people and park in the driveway.  Perpetrators flip door handles.

The false bomb incident and Gate Five of J.E.B.:

City and Military Police worked together very well.  Traffic should not be directed onto Jack Frost Road if this happens again as it was during this incident.

Captain Orr will inform the Navy police, and they will direct traffic.

People were seen walking on the roof of Shelton Park School; access gained via a ladder (this has happened before).

Citizen’s Advisory Committee Meeting at Williams Farm on January 21, 2016

All city employees complete the three-hour training which includes a twenty-minute video presentation followed by discussion.

Christmas Lights:

Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds on Charla Lee Lane – the only participants are our $25.00 winner.

The Edmonds were invited to our General Meeting in March to receive their award.


We will consider the option of joining the Civic League through our website.

Adopt a Street:

Per Jack Beck, we will meet at the Pump House on Jack Frost Road at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 30.


We are reminded, NextDoor is strictly a public website.

New Business:

Our next General Meeting will be a potluck on March 22, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Neighbors will bring a food item.

The Civic League will provide refreshments.

Our guest speaker will be from the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Jeanne Marie will call the Garden.

We should ask who would like to serve on the Board of Lake Shores Civic League.

Two positions are open: Second Vice-President and Trustee.

The Vice-President is responsible for speakers.

The Second Vice-President is responsible for membership.

Trustees keep the history and information flowing.


President Paul thanks us for attending.

Our next General Meeting will be on Tuesday, March 22, at Bayside Recreation Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Marie Macdonald